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Balsam Gimlet

Written by Dyson Forbes


Posted on 3월 11 2021

Move over christmas, Balsam brings new excitement to a summer classic. Balsam gimlet

When incorporating evergreen flavours in cocktails, it's great to start by looking at where they already occur. Gin, with its heart of juniper, is our most familiar evergreen flavoured spirit. One classic cocktail combination is Gin and Lime, where the citrus notes of lime and the resinous notes of juniper complement each other extremely well. Adding Balsam Syrup into the mix takes this melange of flavours to the next level.

Balsam is fragrant with ripe citrus and resinous aromas that evoke the nostalgia of a forest walk or a holiday tree. The aromatic profile of Balsam Syrup bridges juniper and lime and delivers a welcome sweetness to what may soon become your house cocktail.

Balsam Gimlet (1 serving):

2 and 1/2 Ounces gin
1/2 Ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed
1/2 - 3/4 ounce Balsam syrup depending on desired sweetness

Shake with ice, strain and serve in a coupe 

Garnish with dried spruce, cedar or balsam.
Get creative and try adding some Cedar Cherry Bark Bitters or Forest Fire Bitters, which will add more evergreen depth and a hint of smokiness to your drink.









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