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Wild Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are exceptionally delicious. Many chefs rely on dried wild mushrooms to flavour soups, sauces, stews, and gravies because of the richness they bring to these dishes. Dried mushroom are typically much stronger in flavour than fresh mushrooms, which makes them more economical to use.

To use dried mushrooms, reconstitute by soaking them for 5 to 20 minutes in cool to warm water, or a wine/water mix, or stock. Don’t add them directly to hot liquid as the heat may make them tough. When they are soft, drain and use. If you wish to use the flavourful liquid as well, first pour it through a filter. Once reconstituted, the mushrooms can be used as if fresh. Sauté them with garlic, onions or shallots, or add them to stews, soups, risottos, pasta, or meat sauces.

Describing the flavours of wild mushrooms is not easy as their flavours are often rich and original and will change depending on what they are cooked with or how they are used. They are most often said to taste woodsy, as many carry the flavour of the earth they grow on, but some can be nutty or even taste unlike mushrooms. Foraged hand picked wild mushrooms from across Canada, our wide selection of dried mushrooms such as Morels, Admirable boletus and Porcini as well as many rare exotic varieties are sure to delight your tastebuds.

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Morel Mushrooms
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