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Sea Truffle



Sea Truffle

Polysiphonia Lanosa is a tiny wiry red algae with an uncanny aromatic similarity to the white Alba truffle of Northern Italy. If anything, it is still more powerful, and it does not lose its aroma when dried. An Atlantic seaweed, it thrives in the frigid waters off Iceland as well as in the Canadian Maritimes. Forbes Sea Truffle is sustainably harvested and dried in Nova Scotia.

Turn to traditional truffle recipes for inspiration when using Sea Truffle. It elevates the flavour of eggs, cream sauces and pasta or risotto. Use pinches of the dried seaweed as you would a finishing salt. Or, rinse, blanch and shock in cold water, to prepare the whole clumps for use as an elegant flavour-packed garnish for scallops.

Like all sea vegetables, Sea Truffle differs nutritionally from plants growing on land. Sea vegetables have a higher content of minerals such as calcium, potassium and iodine. They are also rich in protein, amino acids, iron, vitamins and soluble and insoluble fiber. Sea Truffle is an excellent source of plant protein.

Allergy alert, this product may contain traces of seafood. 


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