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Candy Cap Crème Brulee

Written by Dyson Forbes


Posted on 4月 01 2021

Candy Cap Creme Brulee


Candy cap crème brulee with lactarius helvus or the eastern candy cap. These turned out better than I expected and were received with hesitation then delight. Its amazing the different ways mushrooms can be incorporated into foods we already know and love. 

Warning, your house will smell like a maple syrup hut!


Candy Cap Creme Brulee


Soak the mushrooms in the cream for about an hour at room temperature then bring it up to a light simmer with your other ingredients ready.


Candy Cap Creme Brulee


Strain out the mushrooms using a fine mesh sieve and slowly combined the hot cream with eggs and sugar making sure to temper the eggs with a ladle full of cream at a time, the cream should be under boiling, 160°-180° whisking to incorporate. Add the custard mixture to the ramekins and place in a 325° oven for 45 mins, in a water bath or tray with water that comes about 1/4 the height of the ramekin. 


Candy Cap Creme Brulee


Before putting in the oven I popped the bubbles on the top with a needle, this will result in a smooth top.

Candy Cap Creme Brulee


Topping the creme brulee use a teaspoon or so of organic sugar. I did think about using a maple sugar/ cane sugar blend but have found maple sugar burns rather easily with the torch I have on hand and I really wanted to maintain the candy cap flavour.


Candy Cap Creme Brulee


The flavour is truly remarkable, somewhere in between maple syrup and golden syrup. Somehow it is lovely, nostalgic and warm while being exciting and new. I have to admit tasting it put a big smile on face. Mushroom custard doesn't sound like it should taste this good, I am excited to try candy caps in other preparations.  

The recipe used
2.5 cups of 35% cream,
14 grams of dried candy caps (Lactarius fragilis or helvus),
5 egg yolks,
1/4 cup of sugar,
and a pinch of salt.
Sugar to finish

Have you used Candy Cap mushrooms before? How did they turn out and what did you make? Inspired to cook? Pick up some of our candy cap mushrooms today! Feel inspired, try this base crème brulee recipe with Black Trumpet mushrooms that have an almost chocolate like flavour. 



  • Sounds fantastically delicious.

    Posted by Birthe Jorgensen | February 17, 2022
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