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Wild Mushroom Box


Our wild mushroom box showcase many of the amazing high quality dried mushrooms varieties from across Canada.
*one or more bags may be substituted with other varieties


Wild Forest Mushroom Mix 14g - This blend of wild mushrooms has a robust and full flavour with earthy, nutty and savoury notes perfectly suited for adding mushroom flavour to anything you are cooking. Versatile and yummy this is one of our best selling products. 

Chanterelles 14g - Chanterelles are the quintessential mushroom for french cooking. Their earthy apricot like flavour pair best with simple foods such as rice, in cream sauces or with eggs. Dried chanterelles make an amazing rub when ground up.

Morel Mushrooms 14g - One of the most sought after mushrooms in North America the morel is bursting with meaty earthy flavour, use as you would chanterelles or pair along with simple flavours so it can really shine.

King Boletus 14g - Aka Porcini, Ceps, Boletus Edulis, penny bun and more. This is the Eastern Canadian variety of the boletus edulis clade (boletus chippewaensis), These mushrooms are known for their rich, earthy, deep flavoured and strong aroma. Use this mushroom as the base to your sauces or to add richness and complexity to your dish. 

Lobster Mushrooms 14g - Lobster mushrooms are in fact two mushrooms, a white mushroom with an orange mushroom that covers them. In a vegetarian or seafood casserole, these mushrooms can fool diners into thinking that they are eating crab or lobster both by taste and by appearance.

Black Trumpet Mushrooms 14g - Black Trumpet Mushrooms are one Canada’s most desired mushrooms for a very good reason. They have an extraordinary aroma and flavour and are very versatile in the kitchen. The complexity of flavour in black trumpets is reminiscent of chocolate, so much so that highly creative chocolatiers have started using it in truffles and deserts. Try in slow simmered dishes such as beef stew and lamb shank dishes or powdered and added to tomato sauces or chili. However, they also serve as an excellent meat alternative in casseroles, pasta dishes and risottos.  

Deluxe Boletus Mix 14g - A mixture of Boletes, suillus and leccinum varieties that blend to give you a lovely robust and flavourful mushroom mix. With rich earthy notes paired with toasted and mineral rich flavours, the deluxe boletus mix is something you will find yourself reaching for again and again.


*one or more bags may be substituted with other varieties 


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