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Organic Dark Maple Syrup



Maple Syrup is the gift we originally received from the Ojibway and Six Nations peoples. Produced from the sap of the sugar maple, pure maple syrup is ideal for cooking because of its deep, rich flavour. Although excellent on pancakes, this syrup gives the flavour profiles you want in maple-walnut pie or other dishes that require flavourful sweetening. Our maple syrup comes from a single forest outside Goderich Ontario, this ancient sugar bush is carpeted in wild leeks and home to lots of wildlife. Our syrup is light and fresh tasting, perfect for cooking with or drizzled on pancakes and waffles. To avoid developing burnt or smokey flavours our syrup is first run through a reverse osmosis machine that cuts about 70% of the energy needed to boil syrup down, this produces a clean tasting syrup full of true maple flavour. It is then further reduced down in a low temperature simmer to 66 brix. We hope that you enjoy.   

We have 3 different types of maple syrup:

Organic Amber is our lightest syrup, made when the sap has the highest sugar consistency. Traditionally light syrups have been the most sought after though they have the least amount of maple flavour.  

Organic Dark is our mid range maple syrup, slightly more maple flavour and a darker colour to the #1.

Very Dark is a rich deep flavoured buttery maple syrup with a clean taste, made when the sap has its lowest sugar content letting the flavours of the miderals in the sap shine though.

Maple syrup should be used within 3 years of purchasing, opened maple syrup can last for 1 year in the fridge. Improper storage or drinking directly from the bottle may decrease its shelf life. 

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