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No. 1 Ontario Pure Honey


Raw No.1 Ontario unpasteurized, coarse filtered, pure honey, produced near Mulmer Ontario. This is our natural and pure honey produced by our wonderful beekeeper, Wayne Holmes. The bee yards are located along the Niagara Escarpment in Mulmer Township, about 90 kilometers North-West of Toronto. Our bees forage where they live, we do not ship our bees around, stressing them out and introducing them to monocultures drenched in pesticides: happy and healthy, our bees are provided with everything they need to thrive.  All the honey is course strained, unpasteurized and from a wide variety of wildflowers, including basswood/linden, black locust and some clover. It is graded No. 1 White or No. 1 Golden. We have it in 500g 1, 3, 7 and 15 kilo sizes the colour of the honey varies throughout the year.

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