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Rose syrup


Wild Rose Syrup is made from the five-petal wild rose that grows across much of Canada. Our wild rose syrup has the same flavour as our wild rose petal syrup.  It takes almost two hours for one person to pick half a pound of these delicate and fragrant petals and roses are not the most friendly plant to harvest. But all is worth it because they produce a heavenly flavourful treat that can be used in baking, by adding to a cake mix, or drizzled on ice cream, custard, or yogurt. A tablespoon added to fruit salad gives it an unforgettable bouquet and will elevate fruit that is slightly under ripe. It is also delicious on crepes or waffles. Try adding a drizel to some sparling wine or a vodka martini for a lovely rose cocktail. Rose pairs well with lemon, almonds, coconut, rhubarb and much more. This product will develop some sediment with time, this is residual pollen left over from the flowers. Shake before using. 

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