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Purveyors of Canada's largest selection of high quality wild foods for cooks, chefs and food lovers alike. 

These unique wild edible foods are harvested by expert foragers in remote regions across the country, from the coast of Labrador to the islands of British Columbia. You will find a cornucopia of hand picked foraged ingredients here. By their very nature our foods are the most natural you can get, growing where they choose to grow. 

Explore our products and learn about the many delicious wild fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, teas, nuts and exotic dry goods we offer.

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Protecting Wild Land

At Forbes Wild Foods, we feel it is important to curb rural and wild areas from being developed for housing, industry, or transportation.

Through the sale of wild foods we are able to educate people about local native foods that would otherwise not be available to people trapped in urban centers. Through appreciating the foods this country grows you can develop a direct connection, and need, to preserve the remaining wild spaces we have left. When we lose land to new development, we not only lose native and wild species, we lose our awareness and knowledge of them.

If you own land and would like to learn how to help protect it, forage on it and create a progressive relationship with it please contact us.


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The Wild Foods Difference

Wild foods do not require the clearing, tilling, seeding, or irrigation of any land.
The earth’s resources aren’t depleted by harvesting wild foods.
Wild foods don’t need the carbon inputs, such as fertilizers or pesticides, required by cultivated crops.
Wild foods grow in their natural habitat, where they choose to grow.
They are the original organic foods, growing where nature intended them to grow.
The sustainable harvesting of wild foods supports local economies.
Wild foods have bold, exciting, and scrumptious flavours.


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