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Sea Asparagus - Salicornia



Wild Salicornia, Samphire, Sea Beans, Sea Asparagus, Saltwort, Glasswort, Chicken feet

Call it what you like, this salty, crunchy succulent is a staple in many cuisines and can add some spectacular flair to all sorts of dishes. Try it steamed, chopped up, snf paired with other veggies or blanched in butter. Salicornia is also edible raw, in salads or as a snack. Salt from Salicornia is known as a biosalt, a type of saline that is closer to what already exists within our bodies and that seems to reduce the harmful side effects normally attributed with sodium chloride. Our salicornia comes cold packed in a light lemon marinade so that the crunch and flavour of the salicornia are front and centre.

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