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Chanterelles are one of the most popular and prolific wild mushrooms, growing all across Europe and North America. Easy to identify and easy to cook, they can act as a gateway to foraging other mushrooms and wild foods. Their mild, nutty, almost apricot-like flavour makes them really versatile. Many of their fans say they are best prepared simply: sautéed in butter or used in cream sauces, and served with chicken or egg dishes. You can now buy chanterelles online, so why not try our Canadian, hand-foraged, wild golden Chanterelles? We supply restaurants, markets, and chefs across Toronto (and around the world) with Grade A prime Canadian hand foraged wild Chanterelles from both the east and west coast of Canada.Fresh wild Chanterelles are available from late August through to November. Seasonable fresh wild chanterelles are available too. 

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