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Foraged Events with Mad Maple

Written by Dyson Forbes


Posted on 三月 24 2017

For the past several years we have been privileged to have the opportunity to do a number of events with our friends at Mad Maple Inn. The events range from showing chefs visiting for Terroir around the woods talking about what can be harvested to field trips with number of final year culinary students from George Brown. Mad Maple, our Maple Valley neighbours, are made up of husband and wife team Miriam and Neil. The inn is a stunning food focused getaway that sits on the crest of the Niagara Escarpment with a back drop of fields reaching out to a lush sugar bush.

Every event at Mad Maple seems to be filled with some of the best foods such as these lovely eggs from up the road (pictured above).

Beautiful eggs are not just a staple but a stunning display of the variety of lovely foods produced in the near by area, blue green brown spotted and all sorts of eggs make a regular appearance.

Carl Heinrich BBQing fish in a snow storm.

Amazing (top) chefs from across Canada get together to share their love of cooking and create lovely, beautiful dishes with the local products they are given. Even in a freak spring blizzard while being pelted with snow while BBQing outside everyone is always in a great mood.

Connie DeSousa making lamb organ Kielbasa.

It can be mesmerizing watching some of the chefs making the yummy dishes to be shared. 

Jonathan Forbes and Jeremy Charles of Raymonds Restaurant sharing a few drinks.

All work no play is the name of the game. There are local breweries, bread makers dairies and more on show and to sample. 

Jeff Crump serving up spit fired lamb.

Everyone has their hands in on something, even if it is taking photos of each other or dishing out a side of an animal. 

Industry folk and chefs coming together

Sometimes it gets a bit crowded with all these amazing chefs and industry folk such as James Roberts, Jeremy Charles, and more finishing off their dishes and helping out. 

The elegant open concept dining area blends the natural environment in with a food focused aesthetic.

George Brown students posing for the camera.

Snowshoes makes navigating the sugar bush a bit easier. 

Learning how to tap a tree when it is too snowy and cold to properly tap a tree

Abby Ainsworth and Lindsay Kutner from InTheWeeds and Paul DeCampo from George Brown chatting it up.

The kitchen and dining area fills up with people, conversations and wonderful smells.

George Brown students making ravioli.

Every time you look there is something new being prepared 

Cooking up a storm

Black walnut, beet and micro green salad

Some lamb and venison offal

Those wonderful lamb Kielbasa 

Local red fife sourdough. 

Local fish.

Strawberry rhubarb cheese cake in a jar by Connie DeSousa


Watch below

Check out Jonathan Forbes and the folks from Edulis Restaurant forage saffron milk caps and chokecherries up at Mad Maple.

Enjoy this segment with Miriam from Mad Maple showcase some lovely wild edibles and talk about foraging with CTV News.




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