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Candy Cap Mushrooms



Candy cap mushroom or Burnt sugar milkies from Eastern Canada - lactarius Helvus - lactaire a odeur d'erable. 40g

Candy caps are known for their maple syrup and toasted sugar like flavour. Part of the super interesting genus lactarius Candy Cap mushrooms come in a few different varieties and have some closely related cousins that are also sought after, such as mushrooms that smell like coconut, curry, fenugreek and seafood. Lactarius is a great and very safe mushroom species for beginners looking to learn more about mushrooms, and candy caps are a real treat for inventive chefs who want to create sweet and savoury dishes with this unique and flavourful mushroom. Try making candy cap ice cream or syrups or powder them and use in baking and amaze your senses with this unique and very special mushroom.

While you can eat the full mushroom, Candy caps really shine if used to infuse flavour in milk or cream for use in custards. Check out our Candy Cap Creme Brulee and Candy Cap Ice cream recipes