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Morel powder


Our Morel powder is made with 100% Canadian morels, sifted and powdered for a rich flavour and ease of use.

The Morel mushroom or Morchella is among the most sought and expensive mushrooms after the truffle. They have a rich, meaty, and earthy flavour which is beyond compare. Use morels in a white sauce, along with chicken or egg dishes or sauteed alone. Small morels can go right into sauces whole or halved, while large ones can be stuffed and baked or butterflied and pan fried in butter.

Dried morels have a deeper, richer flavour than fresh ones and can be described as being like a really good steak. Finding a morel in the wild is always an exciting experience and is often a gateway to other forms of foraging. Their honeycomb-like cap pokes out of the ground in early spring and is a sure sign summer is on the way.

These morels come from Northern BC, Yukon and Northwest Territories, where forest fires coat the ground with the nutrients needed for abundant mushroom growth. Rich in Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin D and Iron, dried morels are a great addition to your pantry.

Please note that all raw morels need to be well cooked this is not a table seasoning, do not sprinkling on a cooked pizza or add to an already cooked soup. Ensure your morels are fully cooked before consuming.