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Broken Wild Rice



Wild Rice (Zizania palustris) is widely used in North America because of its great nut-like flavour. It is good in savoury dishes, especially when cooked and mixed with onions, garlic, wild mushrooms or nuts. It can be also used in stuffings and soups. Combined with birch syrup and cream, it makes a great wild rice pudding. 

Broken wild rice has smaller, broken grains. This is more suitable for soups, stews and powders or flour than the larger full grain rice. 

Wild Rice Flour can be used in many baking recipes, substituted for other grain flour. A delicious bread can be made with 1/3 wild rice flour and 2/3 hard wheat flour.

Our wild rice grows in the clear lakes and rivers of northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Currently we carry certified organic Wild Rice from Saskatchewan. Wild rice is now becoming more widely used because of its great nutty-like flavour, and because it is gluten-free. It takes longer to cook unless soaked overnight. It takes a lot more water to cook than regular rice and one cup of wild rice expands to almost four cups. Our wild rice is natural wild rice, not paddy grown wild rice.


If you are interested in bulk or large orders of Northern Wild Rice please call 1-877-354-WILD (9453) We also have 25 lb and 55 lb bags of wild rice available.