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Wild Rose Petals


Canadian wild rose petals - Rosa rugosa -  are incredibly fragrant and flavourful both strong and delicate. The light pink to deep purple flower blooms throughout the summer roadsides and by rivers across Canada and the USA while not a native rose, it is extremely prolific and naturalized along much of the east coast. Use as a decoration with pastries, in salads, as a tea, in sweet sauces and where ever you want to add a lovely hint of rose. The rose petals seem to fit great mixed in yogurt or with custard and in buttercream icing. These is the same type of rose we use in our wild rose petal and rose syrups. Dried wild rose petal keep well in the the jar out of direct sun and in a dry cool place use within the year for best and most flavourful results. Our foraged rose petals will excite and surprise people with their intoxicating aroma.