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Learn about Sea Truffles

Written by Dyson Forbes


Posted on april 08 2022

Sea Truffle

Sea truffles or Polysiphonia lanosa is an Atlantic sea vegetable often found growing in dense tufts attached to various kelp and wrack species in rough water conditions. It has a strong and bold flavour that is strikingly similar to white alba truffle (Tuber magnatum), with a distinctive minerality and slight bitter sweet iodine flavour. Sea truffle is aptly named for its ability to stand in for truffles in just about any recipe.

Sea Truffle
Photo by Gary Gilbert

Picked in spring and autumn for peak intensity, one sniff of a package of sea truffle can mistake you into thinking you have snagged a bag of truffles. Only the smallest amount is required to season or enhance a dish.

Sea Truffle

Chef Joseph Shawana, Chair of Indigenous Culinary of Associated Nations said after recently using Sea Truffle in a culinary competition, "[Sea Truffle is] an amazing product that I found to be full of flavour. A little bit goes a long way just like truffles. When I use sea truffles I like to add it to my mashed root vegetables, braised meats and to finish a dish. " Polysiphonia lanosa - Sea Truffle

While sea truffle can be an excellent addition to steak, ground into a powder and sprinkled on top, it also lends itself to infusions or decoctions. Added to a clear broth or a consomme. 

Sea Truffles may not be the easiest product for us to procure, needing to be hand picked in rough waters from the kelp it attaches too, it is one of the more exciting foods we have been bringing in and never seems to last here for very long. 



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