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Adirondack backpack - straight -


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Straight sided Adirondack backpack 
by Two Sisters One Basket, Made in Canada

These baskets are made by hand using traditional finger weaving techniques, in which ash strips are woven one row at a time with a braid inserted into the weave. Baskets have been treated with a nontoxic varnish and are finished with a leather hand strap and canvas harness. The perfect basket for harvesting wild foods, shopping at the market or hiking. Stylish, durable, Canadian made and lightweight.

Large: 13” X 12” X 17” (33 cm X 30.5 cm X 43 cm)
Medium: 10” X 12” X 15” (25.5 cm X 30.5 cm X 38 cm)
Small: 9” X 11” X 10” (23 cm X 28 cm X 25.5 cm)

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