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King Boletus / Porcini / Ceps


The King Boletus is perhaps the best known wild mushroom (aka Porcini, Ceps, Edulis Boletus, Steinpilz, Herrenpilz, eekhoorntjesbrood, prawdziwek, boletus chippewaensis) and is particularly revered throughout europe, where it is considered a staple in many kitchens. These mushrooms, known as the edulis clade, lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes, from stuffed meats to rich sauces to vegan dishes that require a meaty umami flavour only king boletes can provide. They pair well with duck, beef, game, dairy and shellfish and are a staple in many vegetarian dishes. As the king of mushrooms it is very flavourful: it can be eaten raw or cooked, and many people swear that the flavours become intensified in the drying process. In Ontario and Quebec, where the majority of our king boletes come from, the primary member of the boletus edulis clade is Boletus chippewaensis, a strong great tasting porcini identifiable by the reticulation on the stem and a slightly dimpled brick coloured cap that breaks a yellower shade of orange on its edge, often with white spongy pore surface when young, yellowing with age, and eventually turning olive when dried or bruised. Buy some wild picked Canadian king boletes today and taste the superior quality of Canadian kings.

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