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Ox-Eye Daisy Capers


Ox-Eye Daisy Capers are the young flower buds of the common daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare. We preserve these small delicate buds in a light marinade. Their unique flavour makes them a tasty and unique addition to any salad their brilliant striped buds look beautiful in dishes. They are often used paired with fish or stuffed in a chicken breast. Our Ox-eye daisy capers do not have the same level of salt as other capers but can be used anywhere a traditional caper would be used. Our Ox-eye daisies are foraged by hand in Ontario and Quebec. Ox-eye daisies were introduced to Canada early on and have spread abundantly across much of North America. They grow almost anywhere they can get some sun, around fields and in meadows and edging forests. Picking Ox-eye daisies as a food will not hurt the plants ability to thrive they are a sturdy and prolific plant. If you see them in the wild you can also nibble on the young leaf or flower petals.