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We have moved into a beautiful new store!

Geschrieben von Dyson Forbes


Versand am April 21 2022

We are extremely excited to have opened a public facing storefront located at 1385 Danforth Ave. Here is a brief look at how we got here and the history of Forbes Wild Foods. 

forbes wild foods

In the mid 1990's, after donating a selection of wild foods to Native Earth Performing Arts for a silent auction, Jonathan Forbes noted the amazing response to the foraged treats. He realized that many of the foods he had grown up with were at risk of disappearing from Canadian diets. When he mentioned to a friend that he was going foraging for chokecherries and beech nuts one weekend, he realized that this friend - and most people - seemed to have lost all knowledge of indigenous foods. He understood immediately that there was an untapped market in reconnecting people with wild foods. 


Wild Foods

Starting in 1998, with a living room full of preserves, Jonathan Forbes launched Forbes Wild Foods. During the 24 years since then, we have brought native Canadian foods to the plates of some of the world's best chefs, added to the robust selection of wonderful foods at farmers markets, and supplied a range of retailers with our selection of uniquely Canadian delicacies.

In 2012, we started to sell online, and last year we completely redeveloped our website to improve ease of use and seamless shopping, and to share blogs and recipes to enhance understanding and enjoyment of Canada's cornucopia of wild foods. Store

In late 2021 we moved into a big, bright new retail location. At our store, located at 1385 Danforth Ave., you will find a selection of fresh seasonal wild foods such as wild leeks, fiddleheads, salicornia, spruce tips, stinging nettle, assorted berries and loads of Canadian wild mushrooms.

forbes wild foods

In addition to fresh items, we carry maple syrup, local honey, frozen fruits and vegetables, preserves, pickles, dried mushrooms, sea vegetables and dried botanicals. We stock more than 200 products, and are constantly expanding our line.

Forbes Instagram

To find out more, and keep up to date with seasonal harvests, we encourage you to follow us on instagram and facebook where you will find special deals, cool mushroom photos, and be able to follow along as we connect people to the native foods that grow all around us. We are delighted to continue to release exciting flavours for chefs and home cooks to fall in love with. Check out one of our latest blogs about Sea Truffles


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