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Spruce Tips


Spruce Tips are made from the tender new shoots of the eastern white spruce that emerge in the early spring. Fresh spruce tips have a bitter rosemary lemon-like flavour that cuts through oily and fatty flavours. Loaded with vitamin C, they have long been used for by first nations for teas. Their bright flavour is matched by a fresh bright green colour, which can add excitement to many dishes. Our spruce tips are foraged in Ontario and Quebec and preserved in a light lemon marinade keeping their true flavour. Spruce Tips are delicious when used like capers, in a stuffing for fresh water fish, chopped fine into a sauce or marinade or used in salads or salad dressing. Try them mixed with spring herbs and mushrooms to make a pesto. Spruce tips can be used in a stuffing along with juniper and other forest flavours, such as earthy mushrooms, and paired with wild game. They are also the essential ingredient in the Canadian gin martini, or add them to a Caesar for a special surprise.