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Six winter wild food flavours you must try at least once.

Written by Dyson Forbes


Posted on november 30 2021

There is a cornucopia of amazing wild foods available through autumn and into winter. Some lend themselves to hearty winter dishes, while others evoke thoughts of being wrapped fireside in a cozy blanket while a beautiful winter wonderland drapes the landscape outside.

Here are some of our favorite winter flavours foraged from the bush. 

Evergreen tea
Evergreen Forest Tea
Enjoy the flavour of campsites and Christmas in a hot cup of tea. This lovely blend of Balsam fir, eastern white Cedar, and white Spruce tips. The sweetness of the Balsam combined with the citrusy Spruce and rich Cedar makes this blend particularly tasty. While some of the flavours may remind you of Christmas, specifically the Balsam, this is an excellent blend to bring back memories of cottaging and camping with notes that are reminiscent of an open fire and the boreal forest.
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Mushroom Tart
Wild Forest Mushroom Mix
Nothing quite compares to the complexity you get in soups and stews when you use our wild forest mushroom mix. A blend of Canadian wild mushrooms, including rich king boletes, chocolatey black trumpets, sweet chanterelles and nutty hedgehog mushrooms, our mix contains no cultivated varieties. It provides the robust flavour you need to bring your slow cooked dishes to that next level. Pictured above are some scrumptious wild forest mushroom mix tarts Jonathan Forbes made so a family dinner. 
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Balsam Gimlet
Balsam Syrup
Add a little Christmas spirit to your spirits with this amazing cocktail syrup, paired with gin and lime, or used alongside Chartreuse and in place of simple syrup. Balsam Fir syrup is truly amazing, it brings the delightful aroma of a Christmas tree, and hugs you in nostalgic flavours you never knew you were missing. Also great for sweetening our Evergreen Forest Tea or paired with soft cheeses. Evergreen syrups are an delicious way or incorporating some quintessential Canadiana into your favorite dishes.
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Lingonberry Tart
Lingonberry Compote
Move over cranberry - your better-flavoured tart-sweet cousin is stealing the limelight. Lingonberry is much loved by Northern communities across Canada and in Scandinavia. They are similar to cranberries, but with an earthier and more complex flavour. When served with holiday roasts,lingonberries are a vast improvement on the single note sweet and sour we associate with cranberry preserves. Pictured above is a Lingonberry eccles cake made by Dyson to complement a turkey dinner. 
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Wild Rice
Rich, earthy, nutritious and stick-to-your-bones hearty, wild rice is a key flavour in loads of winter dishes and the perfect addition to saucy, soup and slow cooked dishes of the cold season. It is a fantastic addition in savoury dishes, especially when cooked and mixed with onions, garlic, wild mushrooms or nuts. Wild Rice is a staple in our Christmas and thanksgiving day stuffings.    
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Chaga tea
Chaga Tea
Chaga is one of the most sought after medicinal funguses. It is super easy to brew up a chaga hot chocolate and enjoy a warm, robust, healthy elixir. Chaga contains more antioxidants than the human system can use. It is loaded with beneficial polysaccharides, betulinic acid, betulin and b-beta glucans, as well as more compounds that have shown serious promise in therapeutic fields. Enjoy chaga hot chocolate for its flavour and give your system everything it needs to make its way through winter as healthily as possible. 
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What are some of your favorite winter flavours? Let us know in the comment section!.



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