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To find out what we have in stock, go to the online store or contact us directly. It is important chefs and store owners contact us dircetly about wholesale and food service pricing. The following is a list of products that are usually in stock 12 months a year. However, some years there are bumper crops and other years some foods are scarce. Droughts, frosts, and floods affect the ability of wild plants to produce every year. We also have small quantities of other foods on hand from time to time. If there is something you want but can't find, contact us. If you know what you want well in advance, we can often harvest and process with your needs in mind.

Our wild fruit products contain 55 to 80 per cent pure wild fruit (by weight) and are gently cooked with organic sugar. They are not “jam,” which usually has the fruit as the second or third ingredient. Our foods lend themselves to a wide range of uses by chefs, bakers, and for home use. Our jellies are lightly jellied pure wild fruit juices. With the exception of a few dry fruits, balsam and cedar jellies, no water is added in the process. Our pickled wild vegetables are prepared by simmering them in a light marinade of cider vinegar or water with lemon, sea salt, and occasionally herbs or spices.

Indigenous Canadian wild foods are plentiful and delicious but, in many cases, they remain unknown. The products that can be made from these foods rival those made in any other part of the world. Original flavours are here for the tasting.